Tough Conditions?

G&B Ranch is your source for rugged and respectful cows.

  • Hardy stock grown in hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters

  • Females purposely selected for superior maternal instincts

  • Mating selections for fleshing and calving ease and carcass traits

  • Thrifty cattle built to gain on low to medium quality forage

  • Calves handled extensively from birth to imprint easy handling

  • Rocky and hilly summer pastures develop strong and straight legs and feet

  • No creep feeding and very little grain

  • Animals are athletes and will not melt come breeding season

  • Weight is bred on, not fed on

  • Comprehensive vaccination program

G&B Ranch is located in western Spokane County in Washington state.   Our herd is a diverse group of hardy and easy keeping Angus, Hereford and commercial mothers. Our focus is on creating cattle who will thrive off low to medium quality forage with correctness in structure and feet.  Winters are cold with plenty of snow while summers are dry and hot.  Our commitment is to sell breeding stock which will not break down in rugged, real world conditions.  On top of the high performance standards we set for our cows and bulls, they must be friendly and respectful.  Our animals are handled extensively from birth and taught how to interact with humans and equines safely.                      509-220-2435

Our cows summer in some beautiful places. Calves learn to stay with the herd, find water and shelter and avoid predators. They also get used to trailing over rough and rocky terrain.

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