Everyone is finally home.

It is that super fun time of year where we have everyone home.  If we are not out feeding at daybreak, the alarm clocks start going off.  Wilma and Amanda will be first up and they are getting ready to go.  Wilma is getting cankles already and we are wondering if she will make it to her January 1st due date or surprise us with a Christmas calf.  I can already feel it on her side and she does not seem to mind extra scratching. 

This year we were able to purchase some elite cows and add another bull to our lineup.  At least two cows will be going into our donor program.  In true ironic fashion, one of the AI sires I picked just had a son sell for $235,000 yesterday.  I am sure his semen will be getting difficult to find very soon.

We sent Ragnar and Cap to Midland in October.  So far, so good.  We are looking forward to seeing their growth through the winter.

Alright, back to work...